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Here's Yours

I want to share my feelings And I don't know how to start But every single word I say Is coming from my heart The first time that I met you All you said was "Hi" It was really just a simple word But it took my breath away You were very fun to talk with You were extremely sweet and kind I was in love with every thing you said You were amazing in my mind You fill my days with brightness You lift me up when I feel blue You make me feel like I'm someone special So I'd do anything for you For you, I'd walk across the desert So hot, without a breeze For you, I'd dive into the ocean And be swallowed by the seas I barely even know you, So this may be a surprise There's nothing that you could do wrong Because you're flawless in my eyes I always wonder where you are And I wish I could be there You're probably so far away But I can feel you everywhere. You're the constant beating in my heart You're the blood rushing t

Laury and The Nite

Moon and stars, they all looking at us they smile with the shine to give an amazing nights for those who's in love When the night, they put all the magic spread to the couples who's fall in love so when they all wake up the soul of shine only be given to his soulmate Moon and stars, they dance playing the light hands to everyone who surrounded with blessed by embrace So, lets pray it won't fade away, babe a man that i met in the nite *Laury and Charlie 4th marc